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“There was a reason most pills were plain white, she thought, because they weren’t meant to be exciting or interesting or alluring. They were there to be used, swallowed up, forgotten about, thrown down somebody’s throat with a glass of water again and again until their problems went away and then they were discarded.”

sophia oxygenstyles (via lilfrogboy)


Harry Styles ladies and gents

unseen of Anne’s wedding

“We will always be your boys”

Harry Styles ripping my fucking heart out of my chest in the album booklet (x)

"Damn that was my last pair!"

"Oh I found them never mind aha"

You & I Fragrance Backstage Video

IanPoulter: Great group Tim Henman, Philip Brook & @HullCharley & I got beat on last. @NiallOfficial & Cousin played behind.


first of all hair style if that even is ur name


It so confusing when people say “the boys.” Who are you talking about? 5 Seconds of Summer? One Direction? The Jonas Brothers? All 43 US Presidents? Nobody knows.